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Explore our museum

Know what’s up. Find out what the Norblin Factory Museum looks like from behind the scenes. Take a look at the photo gallery showcasing our collections, exhibits and initiatives we are organising or partnering with.

Guided tours

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of history and industrial heritage as you begin your adventure at the Norblin Factory Museum under the guidance of qualified guides ready to uncover the secrets of this remarkable place.

Museum lessons

Let’s start with an inspiring museum lesson at the fascinating Norblin Factory Museum, where students can explore the secrets of Poland’s industrial history under the guidance of experienced educators.

Warsaw Buddha

Discover the magical world of spiritual harmony at the opening of the extraordinary exhibition “Warsaw Buddha” at the Norblin Factory Museum, where art and spirituality meet in a unique way, opening up new perspectives and fostering profound reflections.

Long Night of Museums 2023

Welcome to a magical evening of culture and art! Join the Norblin Factory Museum for the unique opening of the event “The Long Night of Museums”. This encounter with history, modernity and a unique artistic atmosphere will make this night an unforgettable experience for every lover of museum experiences.